New Album Coming Soon!

The new E.P. is currently being finished and is scheduled for release Summer 2017

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New Web Logo2
Nottingham 1997 (Part 2)

Desperate Eyecon is a Alt Rock band based in S.E. London. Formed in 2012 by three local musicians. The first full length CD “Legacy” is on their own Desperate Eyecon label. 

Soundcloud popularity convinced them to turn this into a full length CD “Dis-Cover” in late 2013. 

2014 saw the band release a six track E.P. “Affected Youth & Skulduggery“. Again this was a self written , self recorded and mixed and finally mastered by Product London. 

2015 saw the band release a new covers CD “Re-Dis-Cover“.

Spring 2017 will see a new E.P.  stay tuned…….